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To Fall or Not To Fall?!



It's definitely a yes, and a no! I LOVE FALL!! Autumn that is. It's a beautiful time of year when the leaves change color, and the air gets crisp. Well maybe for some of you, in California it's still 90 degrees and the leaves get more brown and the trees more bare! But ooooooo I love me some fall leaves! You know you're from California when you visit somewhere with seasons, in the fall, and stop in the middle of a sidewalk, bend over, and pick up a red or orange leaf and stick it in your purse because it's just so beautiful!! What, you don't do that?!

So besides the cool weather and colorful trees, there are pumpkins, scarecrows, Halloween costumes, and candy! Plus so much more. It's the beginning of the holiday season, and I love the feeling I get that tells me that fun family times are coming and people are going to be just a little bit nicer!

On another note, I thought I'd leave a few tips of being safe so that you do not trip and fall!! Especially if you are elderly. After all, that is what we do as a company! Help to keep your loved ones safe and healthy. So here we go.

1. Add rails and grab bars to places that may get slippery, such as the shower. One of three seniors will fall this year. Falls are the #1 cause of injuries in seniors.

2. Clean up clutter! Create a special space for things you often just drop when you come home from somewhere; things like your shoes, purse, in my case children's backpacks, skateboards, school books... Place electric cords, newspaper racks, boxes etc out of the walkways. Be sure that objects needed are in reach.

3. Take your loved one to an eye appointment if they have not been recently. There are a number of things that can change in our eyes as we age. Not seeing things properly can cause us to misjudge distance, or even not see what is, or isn't, in front of us. Get those eyes checked!

4. Check their balance! Is there something the matter that could cause your loved one's balance to be off? Holding on to things as they walk, putting hands against the wall, etc. could be a sign that something is slightly off. It could be due to a number of things such as a sore or weak muscle, or a medication that makes them light headed.

5. Talk about medications! Ask your loved one about the medications they are taking. Ask about side affects, and keep an eye out for any they may not realize. Make sure if they are required to eat with a medication that they are doing as directed.

6. Check the lighting in the house. Poor lighting may contribute to not seeing certain objects that may result in a fall. Make sure the lights are bright enough for your loved one to see well. Put a nightlight in the bathroom and in the hallways. Make sure flashlights are easily accessible in case of a power outage.

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