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$14 Per Hour for Home Care Assistance

Have you seen the ads? Only $14 per hour for home care assistance. Could this be possible? I wanted to know myself how a company can actually only charge $14 per hour and make any money. So we called a company.

Wanna know a secret? THEY DON'T CHARGE A MERE $14 PER HOUR! Their prices are the roughly $21-25 per hour. I was given the run around, asking questions trying to see why they advertise charging only $14 per hour. No straight answer. They quoted me $22 per hour.

The thing is, if you want proper care for your loved one, someone certified with the California Home Care Aide Registry (which is required by law), background checked, CPR and first aid certified, either CNA, CHHA, or HHA trained or certified, and a reputable company that carried the proper insurances, you want- yes want- to pay the $22 per hour. Give your parents the proper care that they need and deserve, show them just how much you love them!

Neighborhood Home Care can offer you the best of service. We offer all of the mentioned above, and more. Above all, our goal is to create friendship, compassionate service and great care for those in need.

For more information go to, or call (951) 278-8800.

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