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How do I help my aging parents from so far??

Have you asked yourself this? Felt the guilt of being far away and unable to help your mom or dad? Wishing there was something you could do? Well here is a wonderful idea for you.

Everyone needs to eat. Eating healthy is important, but taking the time and having the energy is not always there or possible. This is where YOU come in! There are a lot of great companies that can help prepare, or prepare and cook a meal for them! Whether you can afford daily, weekly, monthly, or even just once in awhile, every bit helps.

The most recent ad I saw was for Chefs for Seniors. Looks like you can send someone to the house to prepare and cook a meal. That sounds amazing if anyone wants to send them to my house! :) Your loved one will leap (carefully) for joy when they see someone from Chefs for Seniors! I am not an employee or anything or getting anything from the company for saying this- I just thought it sounded fantastic.

There are several other companies that also send the recipe and all the fresh ingredients that you need to cook a meal. One that my mother in law uses is called Hello Fresh. She loves it! Here is a website that lists several great companies to pick from.

So go on, check them out! Mom will thank you!

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