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Part 1: Where do I start when looking for a caregiver for my mother or father?

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Mom forgot to take her pills and fainted, resulting in an ambulance and the fees that come along with it. Another day she was trying to get up from the couch, her foot slipped, and she broke a bone. Then she calls me wondering where her glasses are? After talking about the grandkids awhile, she starts laughing, realizing they are on top her head! I worry that one day she will not be able to get ahold of me when it really matters. What if she can't breath? What if she forgets her medicine again and faints and cracks her head open? The worry is too much. I can't do it alone. But how can I trust a stranger to care for my parents that spent so many years raising me?

The best place to start is to realize that asking for help is a sign of strength. It takes courage to realize that we cannot do everything alone; we must find the help needed so that whatever the task, it can get taken care of 100%. If I can only give 50%, then a caregiver can help make up the other 50% so that mom gets the care she needs all the time! No more guilt, and we are all happy and taken care of. The peace of mind is worth every effort to find a good caregiver.

A woman helping an elderly man, doing caregiving, caregiver helper and assistance
Caregiver helping elderly

To help you get started, make sure whatever company you find has the following:

Fidelity bond and comprehensive insurance,directly hired employees, criminal background checks on their employees, CPR and first aid training, and in house training.

Find out the type of people your parent will be comfortable with. Some are more comfortable with a caregiver that is the same sex, they may want someone that will cook Italian food for them, or someone to help them pick out a good watermelon! Our parents can get picky in the old age!

If possible, take your time finding the right company, right caregiver, and work with the company so that you and your parent are satisfied. Sometimes matching up the right pair is all it takes! It's almost like a dating-website that matches you up! If they are going to be spending a lot of time with your parent, it needs to be someone they mesh with.

There are a lor of factors, and more coming soon to help you find the right caregiver for mom or dad!

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