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Elderly Pool Safety

Pool Safety... sounds like something for little kids right? NO! Safety is for everyone, and as we age there are certain things that just don't come as easy as when we were younger!

There is a wonderful website that has great safety tips for elderly individuals. Did you kn ow there are pool alarms? I didn't! But how cool is that?! Here are some of the tips:

Invest in pool stairs rather than pool ladders. There are many different sets of pool stairs designed for easy access in and out of the pool, not just for elderly people, but for swimmers of all ages. For some, a steep ladder might prove too difficult to climb, so it’s important to make your access point as easy to use as possible.

Avoid swimming alone. Regardless of age, swimming alone always poses a risk. Make sure there’s someone nearby able to assist seniors or call for help in case there were to be an emergency situation.

Install pool alarms. Creating a safe pool environment for seniors means preparing well in advance in case an emergency occurs. Installing a pool alarm ensures nobody will enter the pool undetected, which can be extremely helpful when dealing with elderly individuals and memory loss. Pool alarms are also incredibly valuable for families with young children and pets.

Clear the swimming pool area of all unnecessary clutter. Removing all trip and fall hazards around the pool area is essential in creating a safe environment. Get rid of the unnecessary dangers and keep the deck area organized. Installing a safety bar can be helpful for seniors who have difficulty getting in and out of the pool, and it can also be used as an exercise bar for those who have the ability to do so.

Consult with a doctor before beginning extensive swimming pool exercises. Before seniors jump into the pool and start getting a great workout, they should consult a medical professional to get on the same page in terms of abilities, limitations, and schedules.

Swimming pools are a great resource for seniors in terms of health and socialization, but safety is an important focus. It’s crucial that seniors take care to follow the above precautions to stay safe in and around the water.

The content of this article comes directly from the awesome website called Senior Assistance Foundation For The Elderly. The website can be found at

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