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Hustle and Bustle of Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The lights, the music, the trees, the love, the gifts...

For many, many people this is true; and for some, this is a very hard time of year. With the festivities also comes the stress of finances, loneliness, and missed loved ones. If you find yourself in this category, try these few things to lighten your mood!

1. Let go of a grudge you've been holding, and forgive.

2. Do an act of service for someone.

3. Do something you love!

4. Count your blessings! Make a list of things you are grateful for.

5. Say a prayer and ask for an increase of love for others.

And to make the season a little brighter, if you have a loved one that needs constant care, and you can't find the time to get away for a little "me" time, or Christmas shopping, call Neighborhood Home Care. We are here for you anytime, any day. With our 4 hour a day minimum, think of what you could get done!! Call in December with our secret code (CHRISTMASLOVE) and get 10% off your first visit!

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