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Questions for Grandma

Some of my favorite stories to hear are those that my mom or dad tell me of my grandparents and great-grandparents lives. There is a special link we all long to feel towards our past, our heritage, and our ancestors. There are so many things I wish I had asked my grandparents so that their memories could have been preserved. One of the last times I knew that I would see one of my grandmas, I had the rare opportunity to be with her alone as she drove me to the airport. There are questions I had longed to ask but never did. I spent the whole drive asking her things I had always wondered. It made me wish I had more time for more questions, and also that I had asked my other grandparents these questions.

My advice to you today is to sit down with your grandparents and ask them questions! Questions all of us can answer are questions about ourselves, especially if they are specific.

Some examples taken from :

There are a lot of sights with good questions to ask. Here are a few:

Go to google or Pinterest, type in "questions to ask grandma" and you fill find an endless amount of sights to get questions from.

Start today, you never know how much time you have with those that you love. Preserve their memories and pass down the stories to your family, they are more precious than gold.

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