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Top Five Reasons to Hire a Caregiver

Aging is inevitable, but not something most of look forward to. Before we reach that stage ourselves, we watch our parents suffer through the aches and pains, doctors appointments, and we experience the heartache and stress that it can cause. But guess what?! It doesn't have to be that stressful. Hiring a caregiver for your aging parent will help them in so many amazing ways. Here are a few:

1. Improves the quality of life

Adults prefer not to bother people around them for help. Independence is a gift from God, and that being taken away can cause a lot of stress for a person. If you can allow the opportunity for your parent to stay in their home and continue to do the things they enjoy, and limit their physical strain that those activities can cause, BINGO! You have a win-win situation!

Mom can continue to live at home, and shop at the same grocery store, but have assistance getting the items, or even send a caregiver out to pick up the items. Dad can still get his morning paper, coffee, and TV show, with the convenience of not having to walk out in the snow, not making the coffee, or searching for the remote! That's what a caregiver can do. These are just a few examples of the way a caregiver can help improve the quality of life. Most people do not want to be sent to a facility to be taken care of!

2. Comfort of Home

As just mentioned, staying at home during the last years of life provides a lot of comfort in a person's life. Sleeping in your own bed, eating dinner in your dining room that your children grew up in, watching TV on your own couch- all benefits of being able to stay at home. The good ol' statement "Home Sweet Home" is a true sentiment!

3. Companionship

Being at home alone, all day, every day, gets so lonely. I used to walk every day to a friend's house who was in her late 80's, and she had no family that lived close, or visited often. The JOY on her face every time we showed up was indescribable. She loved to show us the clock her husband gave her, pictures of her great grandchildren that lived far away, and to just talk about world events! When she moved, I hoped so badly that she will find someone to visit her often. We all want that for people we care about. Life is busy- but that doesn't mean our loved ones have to be lonely. The companionship of a caregiver can make all the difference.

4. Security and Peace of Mind

Works calls you away, children keep you busy, but that doesn't mean your parents can't be taken care of! Have that peace of mind, knowing that someone is there to assist when you can't be, and that mom or dad will be safe and in good hands. They won't fall and be left alone, or forget to take their medications. A caregiver can help them in every aspect of their life.

5. Convenience

A driver, dishwasher, laundry folder, chef, barista, taxi, pet feeder, bingo playing, loving friend all in one package. Getting mom to a doctor's appointment? Done! Mom's too tired to make dinner? Done! Dad is bored at home? Not anymore! A caregiver can help in whatever capacity you need them too. You don't have to miss work to take your parent to the doctor's appointment. A caregiver can take them where they need to be. Mom or Dad can explain how the appointment went when you stop by later!

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